About Us

Lexi’s Vegan Deli is family business that was founded in 2022.  We are not your average vegan store as we sell unique and popular brands. All the products in our store has been personally selected, reviewed and approved by our review panel before its added to our product catalogue. Unfortunately not all vegan products will be approved for the Deli if they fail our strenuous review panel headed by our in-house highly qualified culinary and pastry chef.

Chicken burger made possible with legumes, flour, vegetable proteins and beans

There is no more excuses to eat meat as any Plant-based meat can be made from a variety of flours, legumes, vegetable proteins and beans. The opportunities are endless.

Lexi’s Vegan Deli offers a variety of products that will help you create your desired plant-based meat textures and flavours. Burger meat can be made from Vital Wheat Gluten, vegetable proteins or even beans depending on what texture you are looking for. The sauciness of the burger is achieved by using coconut oil.

Anything is Possible with plant based ingredients